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Questões de interpretação de textos em inglês.

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(UNEB 2019) Interpretação de texto

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A person’s success or failure at weight loss is not a reflection of their willpower reserve. There are many factors—genetic, environmental and otherwise—that play into a person’s size, and a growing body of research shows that when people lose weight, biological factors come into play, making it harder for them to keep weight off after it’s gone.
Kevin Hall, a scientist at the National Institutes of Health, has found that when a person loses a substantial amount of weight, their metabolism gets out of whack and their appetite increases proportionally, causing them to eat about 100 calories more for every two pounds lost. While that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to keep weight off in the long term, it does mean that struggling to do so is by no means a reflection of willpower, motivation or work ethic.

Keving Hall says that when a person loses a lot of weight,
01) they usually manage to keep it off.
02) they feel encouraged to go on the diet.
03) they start eating more to compensate for that.
04) their metabolism starts working normally.
05) they simply give up trying a different diet.

Gente, no gabarito oficial, a resposta é 5 mas eu acho que é 3. Alguém discorda?

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Re: (UNEB 2019) Interpretação de texto

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Eu acho que é a 3 também

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Re: (UNEB 2019) Interpretação de texto

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A resposta é a 3 mesmo.

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