Interpretação de textoUFSM 2008 - Prova 3 - Questão 42 - Substituição de termos da oração

Questões de interpretação de textos em inglês.

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UFSM 2008 - Prova 3 - Questão 42 - Substituição de termos da oração

Mensagem não lida por JVictor13 »

In the age of the BlackBerry, laptop and cell phone, distinguishing between workaholics and people just doing what's expected in their jobs can be difficult.
"It's the best dressed addiction, because most workaholics confuse symptoms with hard work," says Bryan Robinson, author of "Chained to the Desk: A Guidebook for Workaholics, Their Partners and Children, and the Clinicians Who Treat Them" (NYU Press, 2001).
A workaholic is addicted to working, devoting excessive hours to a job and sometimes becoming anxious when unable to do so, says Dr. Robinson, a psychotherapist in Asheville, N. C., who treats workaholics and other addicts.
Workaholics typically have difficulty leaving the office while home or in social situations and are unable to "turn work off." savs Dr. Robinson, who says he is a recovered workaholic. Working from home after the end of the typical business day is common, as is checking a BlackBerry throughout the night and weekend, he says. When they are home, a preoccupation with thoughts about their jobs may prevent them from being "psychologically present," says Dr. Robinson.
"I can be in synagogue supposedly praying and repenting on holidays, and I'm thinking about work." says Irv Flax, 63, a director of Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn PA, a regional accounting and business-consulting firm in Baltimore who says he's a workaholic.
Some workaholics work such long hours that they aren't able to see family or socialize. In a previous position as a principal of an elementary school, Gina Gardiner, 53, says she worked 75 to 90 hours a week. "I got a great buzz out of my work," says Ms. Gardiner, of Hornchurch, England, founder of Recovering Workaholics, a group that offers assistance to workaholics. However, she says her dedication to work prevented her from meeting people and sustaining romantic relationships.
Because workaholics often dwell on work, they may find it dominating their conversations in social settings, says Alan Langlieb, chairman of the American Psychiatric Association Committee on Business Relations and director of Workplace Psychiatry at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Mr. Flax says he talks about taxes, business and financing at social events. His wife Nannette savs she sometimes wonders whether other people are interested or are just being polite.
"Most of the time, I'll get a little perturbed, and I'lI walk by and give him the evil eye or grab him, Mrs. Flax says, adding that she views his work as the "other woman."
By Dana Mattioli

Em "Because workaholies often dwell on work" (destacado em negrito no texto), o segmento sublinhado pode ser substituído por

a)suffer from.
b)persist on.
c)are fond of.
d)talk a lot about.


Agradeço se alguém puder justificar o gabarito.

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